How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Qualified Attorney for Divorce Colorado Springs

Divorces are never easy, and many of them entail long legal battles that leave both parties emotionally drained. Though some people simply prefer to be argumentative, others may be able to fare much better if they had the help of a good divorce attorney. If you’re not sure if it’s time for you to retain legal counsel, keep reading to discover several situations that warrant calling a lawyer.

When Your Spouse Isn’t Fighting Fair

In most cases, it’s best if you and your spouse can come to an agreement about dividing the important things like property, finances, and children. However, this isn’t always the case, and many couples end up in court because they let their bitter feelings get the best of them. If your spouse is intentionally withholding information or is acting out in spiteful ways, it’s time for you to hire a lawyer. In cases like these, you’ll definitely need someone on your side who will fight to protect your interests and make sure that justice is served in the end.

When There Is Abuse Involved

Unfortunately, abuse is a reality in many marriages today. Those who have had to suffer through abusive situations deserve safety and protection, but it’s important that they go about getting that protection in the right way. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help you obtain the necessary restraining order so that your spouse understands how serious you are. Your lawyer can also help you properly document the abuse in case you need the evidence to protect yourself or your children in a future custody battle.

When Your Situation Is Complicated

Finally, complicated situations usually necessitate the help of a skilled divorce attorney in order to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. For example, if a couple has adopted children or invested in a business together, it will likely be difficult to figure out a custody agreement or understand how to properly divide business assets. Your lawyer can act as a neutral party that will take all areas of the law into account as they assist you in dissolving your marriage.

Divorce Colorado Springs can turn into a sticky situation very quickly. If you’re facing divorce, consider calling David M. Koppa to speak with an experienced professional about how you can arrive at a settlement that will give you the peace of mind you need to move on with your life.

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