How to heat and ventilate a conservatory

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Doors & Windows

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Heating and ventilating conservatories in Esher is an important consideration when the overall comfort of the structure is considered. During the day, the interior of the conservatory will warm up; you can trap some of this heat for use in the evening if you use window blinds.

Although natural heating may be what people want, it’s not sunny and warm everyday of the year so supplemental heating must be considered. Most people install electric under-floor heating; it is considered to be the most cost effective. Other people will install under-floor hot water heating where they plumb the heating pipes into their existing central heating system. The use of either electric or water gives you complete freedom to place the interior décor exactly where you want it without concerning yourself with radiators.

Ventilation of conservatories in Esher can be handled easily with window and roof vents, which can be either manually or electrically controlled. The installation of ceiling fans also aids in the ventilation of the room, as will extractor fans.

Conservatory heating:

If the idea is to use your conservatory year-round, then consideration for heating must be given.

Although double glazing is far superior to single glazing, heat still escapes eight times faster through a double-glazed surface than it does through a cavity wall. The choice of energy-efficient heating then becomes of particular importance.

During the summer, heat is rarely an issue, and if it is it is only late at night or very early in the morning. You can take steps to conserve the daytime heat by making sure you close all the vents before you retire for the night. You can also consider installing window blinds, which not only provide privacy; they act as a thermal barrier, keeping heat in.

Under-floor heating:

Under-floor heating can be traced back to the time of the Romans. Compared to the burning and tending of charcoal boilers, today’s under-floor heating is easy to manage and very efficient.

If your existing central heating system can cope with additional demand, then extending the pipe network under the conservatory floor is an ideal solution. This is only recommended if your current boiler can handle the extra demands, as replacing the boiler will prove very costly.

For most, an under-floor heating system using special heating cables is the preferred method. There is need for nothing more than a 13 amp power supply.

Prior to the advent of engineered wood flooring, under-floor heating was only recommended when the floor surface was tile or stone. As engineered wood is now a stable product, it is not subject to warping or shrinkage as is the case with real wood floors.

The great advantage of under-floor heating, whether it is electric or hot water is the elimination of free standing radiators; without the radiators, you are free to place your furnishes where you please.


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