How to Get the Most Out of E Cig Liquid

Smokers who turn to e cig liquid to help them kick the habit might not know how to go about stepping down their use of nicotine to effectively reach the “quitting point.” Much like patches and other nicotine replacements that enable the body to slowly wean itself, this liquid should be used with care to ensure maximum results.

Tips for Getting Started

Unless the plan is to replace the physical act of smoking with E-Cigarettes and quit nicotine entirely without a buffer, it’s best to start out with an e cig liquid that offers a dose that’s comparable to the amount of nicotine your body would normally get. Heavier smokers, for example, might want to consider using a liquid that contains a strong amount. Use that for a week or two while the body gets use to using E-Cigs instead of actual cigarettes and then step down to the next lowest dose. When that feels comfortable and withdrawal symptoms aren’t a concern, step down again until the habit is broken entirely.

Why Go This Route?

Smokers often fail to quit the habit because they don’t address both sides of the coin. Smoking creates both a physical and a psychological dependency. Here’s how:

  • Physical – Nicotine is a drug that the body quickly becomes very dependent on. When smokers don’t get it, they tend to suffer withdrawal symptoms that can be rather uncomfortable. This can draw them back into smoking in the blink of an eye. E-Cig liquid replaces the nicotine and creates an easier transition. This, in turn, can help one enjoy a greater likelihood of success.
  • Psychological – Let’s face it – smokers create habits around smoking. They like coffee with their smokes, they like to fiddle with their cigarettes and they enjoy the act of puffing. When the cigarette is taken away, the hands fidget, people get nervous and the psychological habits can cause smokers to light up again just as quickly as the physical. E-Cigs take that worry away by giving smokers something tangible to hold on to and use in place of a rolled cigarette.

When there’s a strong desire to quit, e cig liquid can make the difference. Just be sure to gradually step down as the body’s dependence on nicotine starts to go away. For more information visit Domain Url

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