How To Find A Reputable Car Service In Wichita Kansas

Unfortunately, there may not be a lot of strategic planning on your part when it comes to the type of Car Service in Wichita Kansas you are able to go to. Some insurance companies will only give you a handful of shops in the area if you have been involved in an accident and you must choose one off of their list. If you are fortunate enough to have an insurance company that will let you do a little homework before you decide on a shop, it is best to ask educated questions in order to get the full answer.

For starters, besides what the insurance company offers you for choices in Car Service in Wichita Kansas your only other requirement may be that they are local. It is already going to be an inconvenience to your daily schedule to work around a body shop for your vehicle, but you would like the shop to be geographically desirable as well. If this is your issue then be prepared to pay more for the location. You can expect that an auto shop that is conveniently located will also have higher overhead rates to pass on to their customers.

There is a way in which you can value the parts and labor costs of a body shop and rule out the overhead charges as part of the service they provide. Get estimates in writing and verify how much the labor per hour charges are. This is where you will find the bulk of the overhead charges in your estimate. The price for parts should be standard as they are going to come from the dealership, manufacturer or Visit for clarification on the types of parts they are using for their cars.

In the case in where the body shop uses parts that are compatible with your car however, not made by the manufacturer, check with your insurance company as to if they will even accept this type of estimate. For most insurance or warranty’s not to be violated, you must use dealer made parts. If there is still a discrepancy in the way the estimate is written and how you are charged you can ask for more of an explanation or you can go with a decision to choose a repair shop that charges you fair value for their work.

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