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by | Apr 15, 2013 | Health

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When the time comes when a private care giver in Chandler AZ appears to be a necessity, you will be faced with some difficult decisions. You need to feel good that the person you get will be a good fit with your elderly family member; you need to know that the person is trustworthy. These are very difficult times, perhaps these hints will help.

There are really only two options; option one is to engage the care giver in Chandler AZ through an agency, the other is to hire the caregiver privately. Hiring direct is less expensive on the surface, but perhaps when you take into account the work that the agency does in assuring the credentials of the candidate, as well as you having to concern yourself with payroll and payroll taxes, the agency route may be better.

A private care giver in Chandler AZ can be found by talking to people in the medical fraternity, ask them who they know and who they trust. These people can include physicians as well as social workers. You may also get a lead simply by talking to friends who have been faced with the same situation, and solved it.

Before you call, make an assessment:

Not every elderly person needs the same care. Before you begin looking for the caregiver, make a list of what it is you want and what your expectations are. Try to be very detailed, make sure the caregiver understands the schedule, if you only need them for three days a week that tells the caregiver something right away about her potential duties.

The most important issues when hiring a care giver in Chandler AZ are:

  • When do you need the services, is this likely to change in the near future and if it does change, is it expected that the elder will change as well?
  • What duties are expected? Do you want the caregiver to do light housework, driving duties, shopping or give assistance with bathing?
  • Are there any issues that make the elder difficult, dementia or incontinence as examples?
  • Do you need a care giver with a unique quality? This could be as simple as great sense of humor or the ability to dig her heels in and refuse certain demands placed upon her.

The individual you engage will be spending a great deal of time with your elder so these qualities are important. If the elder also has specific demands such as no smoking or tidiness, these also have to be considered.

One thing that must be factored in is that a care giver in Chandler AZ is also human and has the need to be comfortable and to feel comfortable. The care giver needs to have space which is uniquely theirs and personal time. No one can be on call all day and all night.

A responsible care giver in Chandler AZ can be found when you contact Synergy HomeCare of the East Valley. They have the resources to deal with all the issues, including coping with disabilities and maintaining a sense of dignity and independence with the elderly.

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