How to Determine If You Need Bee Removal in Tempe

Insects can be harmless and even beneficial creatures, or they can be dangerous pests. It depends on what species of insects are on your Tempe property. Sometimes all of one type of insect are stereotyped as either harmless or pests. For example, the average homeowner would likely consider all butterflies as harmless, but all cockroaches as pests. Some types of insects can be both beneficial and dangerous. Bees can be beneficial for pollinating flowers, yet their stings can be dangerous. To decide if you need Bee Removal Tempe, you should determine what type of bees you have and whether they are more beneficial or dangerous.


Africanized honeybees are probably more dangerous than beneficial to have on your property. They do make honey as their name suggests, as well as pollinate various types of flowering plants. However, “Africanized honeybee” is the proper yet deceptively innocuous-sounding term for killer bee. While one killer bee by itself is no more harmful than any other type of bee, killer bees as a group are the most dangerous type of bee. They are most likely to be angered, swarm, and pursue a victim in the greatest numbers over the greatest distance. Killer bees look like typical honeybees, but smaller. A professional is needed to confirm whether you have Africanized honeybees on your property.

After Africanized honeybees, the best reason to pursue Bee Removal Tempe is the presence of valley carpenter bees. This type of carpenter bee is specific to Arizona as well as California. In general, carpenter bees are excellent pollinators. They are less dangerous to people than other types of bees because only the females are capable of stinging, and they are not particularly aggressive. Still, carpenter bees can do significant damage to a home over the course of time, in which case they become unwelcome guests. Carpenter bees make their homes by burrowing tunnels through wood. They may be recognized by their hairless bodies and the sawdust that their work leaves behind.

By contrast, bumblebees have rounded, fuzzy bodies, and are probably the most recognized and least harmless type of bee. These helpful pollinators nest in the ground, which is why it is so common to step on a bumblebee while barefoot and get stung. Only people who are allergic to bees need to consider removing bumblebees from their premises. However, Africanized honeybees and valley carpenter bees should likely be removed.


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