How to Clean Gutters in Colorado Springs

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on a home and its landscape. When they’re working properly, gutters route water away from the house but if these systems are clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris, the water will cascade down the side of the house instead, saturating the foundation, destroying the siding, and drowning nearby gardens. Read on to find some tips for how to safely and effectively clean gutters in Colorado Springs to prevent foundation, siding, and landscape damage.

When to Clean

All homeowners should clean their gutters at least once each year. Schedule this annual cleaning for the fall after all the nearby trees have lost their leaves. This will prevent ice dams from forming when temperatures drop.

Be Prepared

Purchase a solid extendable ladder, a small plastic scoop, and a tarp. The ladder will be required to safely reach the home’s gutters without having to crawl out on the roof, risking damage, while the plastic scoop can be used to remove debris. Place the tarp on the lawn and use it to collect leaves, dirt, and debris to make cleanup easier and prevent landscape damage.

Dress for Success

Homeowners should always wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and rubber gloves while cleaning a home’s gutters. There’s always a chance that some of the debris built up in them is sharp or otherwise dangerous, and some smaller debris needs to be removed by hand.

Flush the Gutters

Once they’ve removed all noticeable leaves, twigs, and debris, homeowners should flush the gutter system using a garden hose. This will remove any smaller particles of dirt. It will also give homeowners the chance to check their systems for leaks before winter comes.

When to Pay a Professional

Some homeowners pay contractors to clean their gutters in Colorado Springs. If the house is over one story tall, the residents aren’t in good shape, or no one has time to be messing around on ladders, this is a good option. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $250, but that money will be well spent.

The Bottom Line

It’s essential to clean gutters before the first snowfall to remove leaves and other debris. Most homeowners also schedule their annual maintenance visits for this time of year.