How to Buy Wholesale Tortillas New York City

Tortillas are one of the staples of the Mexican diet. They are normally made from corn or wheat flour and they are superb as a supplement to a meal as well as being an integral part of some dishes. Enchiladas and fajitas are made using tortillas and many burritos also require them. This can mean that you may be in a business area that needs to buy huge quantities of tortillas at a reasonable price. If you are in the food industry and you make street food or restaurant food using tortillas, you should find local distributors who can supply you with wholesale prices to keep your own costs down.

The Best Way to Buy Wholesale Tortillas in New York City
1. First, look locally for someone who supplies the right size and brand you prefer. You might use various sizes of tortillas in your day to day business. If you make small, medium and large wraps or burritos, for example, you will need all three sizes of tortilla.

2. Look for price comparisons so that you know you are getting the best value for your money.

3. Find out if the company you buy from offers free delivery or short notice delivery. If you run out of tortillas and need some in an emergency it’s useful to know you can your order within a couple of hours.

4. It is also useful to know whether the company you use to purchase your tortillas from offers special prices or sale items at interval during the year.

5. Ask if they also ask you make a minimum purchase. Some companies will offer tiered discounts at intervals of a certain amount. If you want to buy five hundred, for example, it might cost you more than if you were to buy a thousand. Always ask about the pricing structure before you purchase.

6. Check the quality. It is important, especially if you are selling your tortillas for public consumption that they are of the highest standard. The last thing you will want is complaints from your customers that your tortillas are substandard, so always test them before you buy in bulk.

7. Negotiate prices. This might seem a little cheeky, but many businesses will allow negotiation when it comes buying large quantities of tortillas. Even if they say no, it sometimes pays to ask and you might score yourself a large discount just by being brave enough to ask.

When it comes to buying wholesale, there are no direct rules to follow, except to find the most bang for your buck. If you do buy big amounts it will pay you dividends to shop around for the best prices on wholesale tortillas and your customers will enjoy every bite.

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