How to Assess and Evaluate the Costs of Your Household Goods

When you need to make a long distance move, you rely on the movers you hire to keep your belongings safe and get each piece to your new location without any breakage. However, there is always a risk of something going wrong during a move, so it’s a good idea to create your own spreadsheet that defines the value of your belongings. A good company for moving and storage in Arlington, VA. will have liability insurance that should cover the cost of any moving mistakes, but the amount of insurance may not help to cover all costs. So even if you hire a company with good insurance, creating a valuation spreadsheet is one way to protect yourself.

Creating a Spreadsheet of Valuables

When you interview a company for moving and storage in Arlington, Va., you want to ensure the insurance they provide will cover the loss or damage of your belongings. You need to create a spreadsheet that lists all of your valuable items. You can also take photos of each valuable item and write the weight and value on the back. The weight is important because it helps the moving company determine if they hold enough insurance to cover your belongings. Creating a spreadsheet of the value helps the moving company also, but it’s also a good document for you in the event you need to prove the value of your items.

Valuating Antiques or Expensive Belongings

If you have antique items you need to move, it’s a good idea to go to a professional valuator to have these items priced. This way you know that you have the true worth of your items and can provide the moving company with a proper valuation. The same is also true if you’ll be moving expensive rugs or large instruments like a piano or organ. While this may seem like a lot of work on top of preparing to move, the valuations will be beneficial in the event of an accident.

If the moving and storage company in Arlington, Va. doesn’t offer the insurance you need, you can either use a different company or look into purchasing additional insurance. Don’t leave your valuables to chance when you move. Always protect yourself by providing the moving company with all the necessary information they need to provide financial protection.

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