How Ketamine Treatment May Help Chicago Residents With Depression

Dealing with depression can be challenging. However, it is not a hopeless situation. There are many treatments that have proved to be helpful. One option that has shown promising results is ketamine infusion treatment in Chicago.

Before it is determined that a person is a good candidate for ketamine infusion treatment, they must go through a consultation with a doctor. The doctor will make sure that this is an appropriate method for helping the person deal with their depression. The doctor will help the patient have realistic expectations for what the ketamine infusion treatment in Chicago will do for them. They may also provide other suggestions on things that can be done to improve their health.

You may be wondering why ketamine works to treat depression. The prevailing theory is that it plays a role in helping connections between cells that are related to mood and the brain regrow. Making this discovery about ketamine is one of the most important breakthroughs that have been made in medicine related to antidepressant treatment. In addition to being used as a treatment for depression, it has also been helpful for those who are dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

One of the benefits that ketamine has over other antidepressant treatments is that it works faster. It can take weeks before other treatments begin to take effect. That is not the case with ketamine infusions. It starts to work right away.

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