How Does the Dentist in Lubbock Place a Crown on Your Teeth?

There are many different reasons a dentist may decide you need a crown placed over your tooth. The typical reasons are injury, staining or decay. If your tooth structure has become unstable due to an injury or decay, you could end up losing the tooth without intervention. This is when having a crown can make a big difference. Not only do dental crowns improve the appearance of your tooth, but they can also make the tooth structurally sound, so it does not continue to suffer from damage and cause problems with your surrounding teeth. Through the Dentist Lubbock, your tooth can be completely surrounded by a protective crown, so you can possibly avoid needing an extraction.

What Happens When You Get a Dental Crown on Your Teeth?

Once it has been decided you will have a crown, the dentist will first administer anesthetic to your gum tissue so you do not feel pain and discomfort while your crown is being put into place. Once you are completely numb, the dentist will begin to work on shaping your tooth. The shaping process is the most time-consuming part of the procedure, because it involves the best Dentist Lubbock rounding off all of the corners of your tooth and making it into a round, peg shape. With the tooth being in this shape, it will be able to easily fit inside the new crown, providing a snug fit, for the protection of your tooth.

Your dentist will first check to make sure the crown fits well, before applying any adhesive to your tooth. This ensures no further shaping is needed, to provide a perfect fit. Using a strong dental adhesive, your new crown will be adhered to your tooth and become a permanent part of it. As long as you care for your crown and have routine maintenance performed on it, the crown should last for many years.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns or are in need of other dental services, contact Gerwig Family Dental. They can provide you and your entire family with all of the dental services needed, for beautiful and healthy smiles.

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