How does an automatic fire sprinkler work?

Automatic fire sprinklers activate in the event of a fire in an area protected by such a system, the sprinkler automatically activates, dousing the fire and controlling the smoke and carbon dioxide with a water spray. It is actually redundant to call a fire sprinkler automatic as all fire sprinkler system design in NJ by default activates without any intervention by a human operator. Automatic fire sprinkler systems are a legal requirement in many types of buildings and even where their installation is mandatory having a system installed is highly recommended.

A fire sprinkler system relies on a dedicated network of pipes running throughout the building, the pipe diameters are an important part of the fire sprinkler design in NJ as the pipes must deliver a constant and controlled supply of water to specific sprinkler heads in the event of a fire. The sprinkler head has a small glass vial which is factory filled with fluid, in the event of a fire the fluid heats up, expands and breaks; the sprinkler is thus activated. The complete system can be designed to activate at different temperatures based on need.

A building which is fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system is not only safe for the occupants, the system cuts down on the amount of property damage and other losses. It is believed that there never has been multiple loss of life in a building protected with an automatic system.

The design and installation of an automatic fire sprinkler system is thought to be the most beneficial measure that can be taken to protect the lives of people and reduce property loss in the event of a fire. When fire sprinkler system design in NJ is being done it also takes into account warning devices which will activate alarms and warning strobes, the system can even incorporate automatic door closers to contain the blaze in one area.

A fully automatic fire sprinkler system must be custom designed as no two spaces are the same. A fire protection professional will normally visit the site and design a system that provides maximum protection for the space. When designing the system the engineer needs to consider a host of variables which include the fact that temperatures are always hotter near the ceiling. If the system is being designed for an industrial or commercial kitchen this must be taken into account otherwise it may go off inadvertently on a very hot summer’s day.

Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. can undertake fire sprinkler system design in NJ for any size or type of building. You are invited to contact the company for full details on our services.

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