How Do the Dentists in Waimea Care for Injuries to Your Teeth?

If you have ever experienced a tooth injury, you know how painful they can be. With nerves running through each tooth, an injury can cause severe pain that does not respond well to pain medication. If you experience an injury, it is important you are seen by the Dentists Waimea as soon as possible. The dentist can repair almost any type of tooth damage, so you can save your tooth from needing an extraction. The longer you delay in being seen, the less likely your tooth will be able to be repaired. Visit website for more information.

What Repair Services Can You Expect When You Have an Injury?
1. Cracks are one of the most common injuries people face. This type of injury often occurs when your tooth structure is no longer stable, because of decay. If your tooth becomes cracked, the dentist can fill the crack using a special dental resin. The resin is white and will blend in well with your tooth. Once it has been placed inside the crack, your tooth will become more stable and its appearance will be improved.

2. When a tooth breaks, repair is not as easy. Though the dentist cannot place the broken piece back with your tooth, the rough edges will be smoothed down and the tooth will be filled. Depending on the degree of breakage, the dentist may make the decision to cover the tooth with a crown. This can completely seal the tooth and protect from further damage, while increasing strength and stability.

3. Chips in a tooth are easy for the dentist to repair. Typically, the dentist will cover chips with dental resin and smooth them out, so the repair line is seamless. Once polished, your tooth will look normal and no one will be able to tell there was damage.

4. In the event your tooth is knocked out, there is no reason to panic. If the roots are intact, the dentist may be able to place it back into your gums and prevent tooth death. If re-seating the tooth is not possible, the dentists can place a dental implant in, so your smile is complete.

If you have a tooth injury and need dental care, contact the office of Business Name. He can repair your teeth and help to prevent further damage to your smile.

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