How can driving in rainy weather cause the need for Car Repair Bethesda?

One of the most frightening events that can take place while driving is the loss of control of your vehicle.  The thought of hydroplaning into the median or worse into another vehicle while driving on the highway can give anyone chills.  How can we prevent accidents and the need for Car Repair in Bethesda?

If you’ve ever had to drive in the rain you know the great potential for accidents.  Besides the diminished visibility there are other factors that cause driving in the rain to be a dangerous task.  The most obvious danger is lack of visibility.  If other vehicles traveling on the road are not using their lights it is hard to identify those vehicles until you are literally right on top of them.  Ensuring that your windshield wipers are in good condition can improve visibility even if another driver is not using his or her lights.  An important fact to remember is that stopping in the rain is not the same as stopping under dry conditions.  Slick, wet roads cause a delay in stopping time as the brakes try to compensate for the slick road conditions.  It may require earlier engagement of the brakes in order to maintain a safe stopping distance and avoid any necessary Car Repair in Bethesda due to accidents.

Driving through deep pools of water is never a good idea.  While traveling on a highway it is advisable to stay in the middle lane as the side lanes are more prone to collect run-off water causing large pools to form.  These pools of water can cause internal damage that will result in costly Car Repair in Bethesda.  Damage to the vehicles computer system may occur, oxidation to the brakes and rotors may result causing the braking system to fail.  If left unchecked the computer will malfunction affecting various systems as it goes down.  You may find that you are unable to roll your windows up or down or your computerized display malfunctions.

If you have to drive through the rain you can use some methods to minimize the damage to your vehicle.   One method, as mentioned earlier, involves choosing a different route that is less flooded so as to avoid having to submerge your vehicle in excessive amounts of standing water.  Another method would be to test the slickness of the road by tapping your foot lightly on the brakes instead of hard braking.  This method helps prevent you from hydroplaning and also minimizes the amount of water that gets into your braking system and thus avoid the need for costly Car Repair in Bethesda.