How an Inspection by an Air Conditioning Company in Crestview, Florida Will Make a Difference

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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After buying a new home, it pays to have professionals check the condition of different systems in the home. This is true even after the sellers have provided proof that each of the major systems was tested and found to be in proper working order. When it comes to the heating and cooling system in the home, an inspection by an air conditioning company in Crestview, Florida will make a difference.

Confirming the Information Provided by the Seller

At the very least, this inspection by the air conditioning company in Crestview, Florida will confirm that the system is likely to provide excellent service for an appreciable period of time. This helps to validate the information provided during the negotiations for the purchase of the home. This particular inspection may also provide more detailed insight into just how long it will be before the new owner does need to think about a replacement.

Dealing with any Minor Issues

The results of the inspection may uncover one or two minor issues that are not causing problems yet, but could make a difference in energy consumption or performance in the next year or so. Spotting those issues early provides the new homeowner with the chance to have them corrected before they can cause any real damage to other parts of the system. That in turn will help maintain system efficiency and save the owner money as the years pass.

Setting Up a Service Contract

After the inspection is completed and any minor issues addressed, the technician can also discuss the merits of entering into a service contract. Agreements of this type entitle the homeowner to benefits at reduced rates. It is not unusual for the contracts to include a free annual inspection, price breaks on the cost of making certain kinds of repairs, and may even include a few free service calls over the life of the contract. If the homeowner finds the contract to be a good idea, the technician can help in arranging for the contract to go into effect.

For any homeowner who has not had the heating and cooling system checked in the last couple of years, call the team at Jordan Air Enterprises Inc.. They can arrange for an inspection that includes everything from the main unit to the air duct covers. When they are done, the homeowner will know what if anything needs to be done in order to keep the system working as it should.

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