How a Visit to a Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY can Stop Dental Erosion

Erosion is a non-bacterial loss of tooth enamel by acids. The most common causes are acidic foods (fruits, fruit acids) and drinks (cola, energy drinks, fruit juices), but also frequent vomiting. When the enamel comes into frequent contact with acids, there will a loss of enamel. The more frequent and more intense, the faster the loss of enamel. After eating fruit (fruit acids), you should wait at least half an hour before brushing. Your local dentist in Oyster Bay, NY state the possible causes of tooth erosion are:

1. Intake of acidic foods and drinks;
2. Direct effect of drugs (aspirin);
3. Indirect effect of medications (reduction in salivary flow);
4. Frequent vomiting (stomach acid); and
5. Reflux disease (stomach acid).

Dental erosions are irreversible, meaning they are not beyond repair. The enamel dissolves in a way that, initially, patients do not notice there is a loss of tooth substance. By scheduling regular routine checks with your dentist, erosions fall on the in-depth investigation of the dental profession, even in the early stages. Without further treatment, once eroded tooth surfaces cannot be restored. However, a Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY can stop further destruction.

The daily cleaning of your teeth, with the usual oral hygiene products, play an important part in fighting erosion. As a result, you can ensure that multiplication of bacteria in inaccessible places will not occur. Due to their proliferation and metabolic toxins, acids are released, which cause damage to teeth and supporting structures. The best precaution is to perform a good and lasting cleaning of all points in the dentition. This way bacteria have no chance to inflict greater damage.

It is known that optimal support of oral hygiene at home, along with professional cleaning in the dental clinic, is very necessary if you want to have a healthy mouth. Professional cleaning is performed by specially trained dental assistants or the dentists, themselves, who have trained for years. This ensures a recurring high quality of care. Routine cleanings provide you with a radiant smile and fresh breath.

Depending on the position of the teeth, maintainability and motivation, the Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY will tell you that cleanings are required between two and four times per year. This helps ensure that your dental health is well taken care of throughout the year. For more information, contact the Locust Valley Dental Group today.

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