How a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Virginia Beach Can Help a Disabled Person

Some forms of the disability come as a result of illness while others are from birth. Any disabled person who, due to a disability, is unable to work as before should try and file a benefits claim through the Social Security Disability lawyer in Virginia Beach. With a lawyer, your claim will be filed and processed quickly compared to if you did not have one.

A good lawyer would be someone who has experience in handling different types of disability cases and is also well recognized by the social security system. Since you want benefits as a disabled person, it would be good if you just trusted your lawyer with everything. Do not work yourself out, as these lawyers will guide you in every step and advise you during the process.


Just like any other legal process, you will start by filling in the form. Your lawyer will explain and help you fill in the information. Details indicating how long you worked before you became disabled will have to be filed. The numbers of dependents and your age are also important and have to be filled in as well. You will also need medical proof showing what led to your disability and that it is medically proven that you can no longer work.

After finishing the application form, it is sent to the Disability Determination Services. At this stage, they will review your claim, and in case it is rejected, your lawyer should be resilient and make an appeal.


60 days are given to any rejected reviews for them to be reviewed again by the disability determination services. Though slim, chances are that it might go through.

Appeal or Hearing

You will be given 60 days to request a hearing. Your lawyer should help update your information since the application time. If you had not hired a Social Security Disability lawyer in Virginia Beach, this would be a good time to do so as it might be one of the reasons why you had failed at the previous stages. He will let you know of the probable questions that the judge might ask and ensure that you co-operate with your lawyer.

If you have been denied a disability claim or supplemental security, a social security lawyer will protect your interest and fight for the benefits. To hire a competent lawyer, visit Bowman Disability Law or contact them today.

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