Hot Tubs in St. Charles: Signs That Your Tub Needs Some Repairs

You know that a hot tub needs to be maintained, but sometimes, it needs repairs. The following are a few signs it might be time for hot tub repairs in St. Charles.

Strange Odor

One sign that you need to worry about hot tub repairs in St. Charles is a strange odor. Bad odors should not be coming from your tub. If this is happening, there could be a clog forming or maybe there’s some other issue causing a circulation problem. Whatever it is, it needs to be taken care of.

Green or Murky

If the water in your tub starts to look murky or green, then you want to worry. Your tub is supposed to clean itself. If it isn’t doing this, it needs to be repaired. Green sometimes indicates algae growth, but any discoloration is cause for concern. Dark water could mean you’re dealing with pipe corrosion that needs to be fixed.


Another sign telling you something is wrong are faults. This can happen in many ways. You might notice that your jets are faulty. You know what your jets are supposed to feel like, so if they start to lose power, then some issue needs attention. You might also notice a leak, and that’s another issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. In essence, if you notice anything off, have a specialist check it out.

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