Honey Bee Swarm Columbus, OH – Do Not Procrastinate On Removal

Honey bee swarms can be frightening, although they are not very dangerous. Usually, swarms are dangerous when bees are provoked or disturbed. But when swarming happens naturally, they are not harmful. In fact, beekeepers and researchers have often noticed that when the bees swarm as part of their lifestyle, they are the most harmless and docile. Nevertheless, it is never safe to have a hive nearby. In case you have noticed a honey bee swarm around your home, you should contact a removal service in Columbus OH and have the hive removed. But if swarms are not dangerous, why should you get them removed? Here is why.

*     Bees are very easily provoked and they don’t care about the source of provocation. They attack nonetheless and might cause serious injuries

*     If you don’t get hives removed early, their size increases massively. Furthermore, they multiply and you can find more and more hives emerging all over the space, thereby, increasing risks

*     Swarms are not dangerous per se, but you cannot rule out the possibility of one of two stings in case you happen to be nearby. If you are allergic, even a single bite can turn into a major crisis

*     Swarms can relocate anywhere, even on your window sill, cracks in walls or balcony. This could be dangerous because in case they swarm again due to provocation, they rush into your home first

Owing to these reasons, it is important to control honey bee swarm and there are agencies in Columbus, OH which are trained on the job. The removal has to be without provoking the bees and by using techniques which are safe.

A bit about the phenomenon of swarming

A lot of people tend to be confused about the phenomenon of swarming. This is a bee behavior pattern in which a portion of bees in a colony leaves the hive along with the queen bee and set up base elsewhere. This happens due to various reasons such as:

*     Excessive population of bees in the hive

*     Reproduction

Honey bees are the epitome of unity and selflessness. They don’t have a sense of individuality. The entire hive is one unit. When bees talk about reproduction, they don’t mean increasing the number of individual bees, but increasing number of hives or colonies. So, when the existing colony becomes full and the queen bee does not have more space to lay eggs, the queen, along with worker bees and scout bees move out and make a new hive in another place. Before leaving, the queen bee lays enough eggs in specially created queen cups to ensure the birth of at least one healthy queen bee so that the existing colony may continue to flourish.

So, when bees swarm naturally, they are homeless and looking for a new shelter, which makes them insecure and harmless. However, due to the above mentioned reasons, timely removal of hives in the right manner is very important.

Honey Bee Swarm Columbus, OHWildlife Control Company Inc, is an animal control service based in Ohio. The staff of the company comprises of Certified Wildlife Control Professionals. The company provides honey bee swarm removal services in Columbus, OH.


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