Home Sellers Can Get Better Offers By Using a Storage Unit is Portsmouth

Is a home’s square footage important in a home sale? A home’s square footage is valuable. Many people who will not complain about having too much space, but they will complain about not having enough space. Homeowners may feel comfortable with their over-stuffed couch and chair. However, it may take up too much valuable floor space. When a home is being staged for buyers, clutter needs to be removed. Further, furniture that gets in the way of traffic flow or that is too large should be stored in a Storage Unit in Portsmouth. By doing this, the home will look large and produce better offers.

It is nice to have a large-scale dining table to show home buyers how many people can comfortably enjoy a meal. However, be careful here. If people have trouble moving around the table or pulling out the chairs from under the table, the dining table area will make the room look small and cramped. It is best that these items be stored at a Storage Unit Portsmouth. The last thing a homeowner wants to reveal is that the space is too small to entertain in or cause people to wonder if their normal-sized furniture will fit. When this happens, a home buyer loses interests and he will move on to the next house. Thus, a potential sale was lost by the way the home was furnished.

The home needs to look well-suited to each buyer. By using neutral paint on the walls, and making sure all hallways and doorways are clear of clutter, a buyer will be more willing to inspect rooms in the home. However, do not let the buyer down with furniture that gets in his way as he walks, or bulky pieces that take over too much floor space. Hardwood floors need to be easily seen, and furniture must fit the scale of the room without over-taking it. Store all pieces of furniture that are too large or bulky in a storage facility. This will help the buyer to envision the true scale of the room, and what their furniture will look like in it. This will create the best offers and the greater chance of a quick sale.

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