Home Care Queens County NY

When you decide that your loved one needs some additional help caring for himself it can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that he is getting everything that he needs in terms of his physical and health care, but you also want his emotional and mental health cared for as well.

You may have gotten advice about putting your loved one into a nursing home or another care facility, but after thinking about it you know that this is just not the right option for your family. Perhaps your aging parents asked you to never put them in such a facility, or maybe you just don’t think that they are at the point that they need that extensive of care. You want to give your parents the opportunity to stay in their home for as long as they possibly can, and you want to get them the care and assistance that will help them to maintain their function and quality of life in a way that you can trust.

With home care, Queens County NY families are being offered sensitive and compassionate personal nursing and health care they can trust without having to leave the homes where they are comfortable and happy. Because the needs of each person are widely different, the services that are offered by home care professionals are tailored to specifically address these needs. This means that whatever your loved one needs is what he will get. You can choose:

1. Workers that come during the day
2. Workers that are with your loved one at night
3. Shifts that last anywhere from 3 to 24 hours so that your loved one has the amount of attention and care he needs
4. Shifts anywhere from 1 day per week to every day of the week so you can create a schedule that is appropriate for your loved one and your family
5. Weekend shifts
6. Temporary shifts to fill in gaps in more permanent care or to help your loved one through an illness or recover from surgery
7. Live-in help to ensure that your loved one has access to care that he is familiar with at all times.

Whether you are trying to find help to supplement the care you already give or want to establish a full-time arrangement, through home care Queen County NY residents can have the independence and privacy they want and the care they need.

Tri-Country Home Nursing Services has been offering Home Care in Queens Country, NY for over 30 years. The insured, bonded, and fully licensed professionals with TCHNS allow these patients to remain in the comfortable surroundings of their homes rather than going to a nursing home or hospital to receive the care that they need.

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