Hmmm Nummy Making Money

Fundraising is crucial to many organizations and vital to every school in America to bring extra needed money. Gourmet cookie dough is an easy solution for a Fundraising Idea with an item everyone loves and enjoys. Your schools can set up a booth during a sporting event to sell Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough. Booths can be set up at any event such as your local fair or Student-Faculty games. You can make your own school events such as a car wash or an event called a car smash. You can also do a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. This also works great for individual fundraising needs. You can also sell other items such as soft pretzels, cakes, brownies, and even croissants.

If you do the car smash Fundraising Idea, you first need to do a lot of pre-planning, probably a few months of work. Part of that is finding a large parking lot. Your school lot or your local mall parking lot are most likely your best choices. Make sure you reserve the lot for the day and time you want to hold your event. Next is going is going to the junkyard and finding your perfect car to smash; one that’s not too beat up. If you explain your intentions, they may donate a car to help your cause. Last, go buy a lot of rubber mallets for the community and your classmates to use to smash the car.

On the day of the event, be sure you have a booth set up to take orders for all of the products you have decided to sell. Hopefully, you’ve marketed and let the community know about the event to entice more buyers. The more people who attend, the more sales you have.

Whether you allow your neighbors to smash a car in exchange for cookie dough purchases or you take the traditional route and go door to door in your neighborhood selling Otis Spunkmeyer products, these are sure to be items that will sell themselves. Exciting, unique Fundraising Ideas are limited only by your imagination, and they help raise the money your school or organization needs.