Hiring A Milwaukee Injury Lawyer For A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Your Milwaukee Injury Lawyer presents the facts related to your injury to the judge. In wrongful death cases, he or she will submit evidence into the court proving that the death could have been avoided. It is the circumstances of the accident itself that paint the picture of what really occurred and how it produce a fatality. Your attorney offers this information within the claim submitted to the judge and provides ample evidentiary support to back up this claim. If you lost a loved one through an accident that could have been avoided, contact the Jacobson, Schrinky and Houck Law Offices.

Wrongful Death Litigation

In wrongful death litigation, your attorney devises strategies to discover the exact cause of death. In accidents that produced fatalities due to a drunken driver, criminal charges are additionally filed. Law enforcement officials who reported the accident will conduct a complete investigation of this occurrence. When this is the case, your attorney may obtain a copy of the findings of this investigation and utilize it to prove fault. In the event of a criminal conviction, your attorney has a far greater chance of winning monetary damages for you and your loved ones.

Local Injury Attorney

Jacobson, Schrinky, and Houck practice primarily in personal injury law. With the help of this team of skilled attorneys victims and their families seek resolution through the litigation process. They will file a wrongful death lawsuit for you when you have lost a loved one due to circumstances that could have been avoided. This circumstances include animal attacks, automobile accidents, and accidental shootings to name a few. If you require litigation services contact this law office at the contact number listed on their website at jsh-law.com.


A Milwaukee Injury Lawyer within the Jacobson, Schrinky, and Houck Law Offices provides you with effective legal services to litigate your claim. They will identify the cause of death which resulted in the tragic loss of your loved one. By linking these events to the fatal injuries these attorneys can provide adequate evidence within your claim to convince the judge that the death was in fact wrongful. To hire an attorney or schedule a consultation, contact this law firm immediately.



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