Here’s Why Latin Mass Matters to Modern Catholics

Latin mass services are some of the best tools to maintain the integrity of the Catholic faith. How? Here are just a few ways:

Offering a Glimpse of Times Gone By

When you partake in a traditional Latin mass service, you are enjoying a piece of history. The words spoken, the rites performed, the songs and passages – all of it is exactly as the Saints might have enjoyed it, centuries ago.

When you want to enjoy a piece of your faith’s history and enrich your understanding of the scriptures and all that goes along with them, choose a Latin service.

Maintaining the Mystery of the Altar

Latin is a dead language. People today do not read, speak, or otherwise use Latin in any sense except the academic. Using it in church services maintains something of the mystery and wonder of the altar. While followers may not understand the words being used in the service, they can understand the actions and marvel at the beauty of their faith as it breaks language barriers.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Scriptures

One sticking point that many people have about modern churches, services, and iterations of the Holy Bible is that they have been handed down from one group to another, endlessly translated and rewritten. This can leave room for error and miscommunication, something there really should be no room for in a holy text.

By using the original Latin, priests help to maintain the original scripture. Keeping things the same as they have been for many centuries does more than just present it in a historical context; it helps to maintain the integrity of the text from generation to generation.

For more information on Detroit Latin mass services, contact your nearest Catholic church. They can offer you more information about when these services take place and how to attend – as well as what benefits you can enjoy from attending one!

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