Here Is What to Look for in Order to Find the Best Barbecue Ever

Saint Louis, MO, is a city with a lot to offer. Many enjoy taking in the majestic sight of the famous Gateway Arch, either from a boat on the mighty Mississippi or from the elevator riding to the top. If it’s time to stop and smell the roses, the lovely Shaw Garden has been happy to facilitate that since 1859. And for the little ones, a trip to the Saint Louis Children’s Museum can make learning fun with interactive exhibits. After taking in the sights and sounds, how can you choose the best spot to enjoy the legend that is Saint Louis? Here are three characteristics to tip you off that you’ve found the best BBQ restaurant Saint Louis can offer.

Family Owned Really great cooking needs love as one of its secret ingredients. This is especially true of slow-smoked meats that can take the better part of a 24 hour period to prepare. A kitchen that captures the true spirit of Saint Louis’s special take on barbecue needs to have an authentic passion for the art. When a family comes together to make that happen, you know they are serious about their meat.

Has a History In a city that is as serious about barbecue as this one, a good indication that you’ve found the best BBQ restaurant in Saint Louis can is if it has lasted at least twenty years. The people of Saint Louis will not stand for an inferior product when it comes to BBQ. Therefore, if you find a place that has lasted, it’s only because the food has passed the citizenry’s high standards.

Embraces the Saint Louis BBQ Tradition One example of a local favorite is a pork steak, which comes from the upper shoulder of the pig. However, this cut of meat is called “Boston Butt,” because it used to be stored in barrels to feed sailors from Boston, and those barrels were referred to as butts. If they are serving up a good pork steak, wet with Saint Louis BBQ sauce, you and the family are in for a rare treat.

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