Here Are Some of the Advantages of Having Tile Floors in Your Home

Are you thinking about flooring? There are various advantages and disadvantages to having different types of floors. One thing you may want to consider is ease of cleaning. Your choice of flooring may depend on whether you are looking to cover high-traffic areas, rooms in which water is used, as well as aesthetic considerations. Plus, dealing with cleaning different flooring in different rooms is time-consuming. Here are a few good reasons to consider tile flooring in a Wheaton home.


Tile is eco-friendly because it’s made of recycled glass, clay, sand, and other recycled material. It acts as insulation, keeping your floors cool in summer and warm in winter. This saves electricity.


Ceramic tile has a water-resistant coating, making it impervious to water and staining. Tile is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and outdoor kitchens for this reason.

Indoor Air Quality

Tile flooring is baked in high-temperature kilns. This burns off the volatile organic compounds which cause health problems from poor indoor air quality. Other types of flooring have their own chemical makeup, making tile the clear choice for good indoor air quality.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Tile is easy to clean. Just swish a dust mop over it and damp mop it a couple of times a week. Simple cool water will clean the tile. Use a chamois mop or a cleaning rag instead of a sponge mop. These push dirty water around instead of absorbing it. Splashes from dishwashing or bathwater carry soap residue with them. This leaves a film on your tile floors. Remove it with a little lemon juice.

Don’t let your tile floor air dry after cleaning, as water spots may appear. Dry your tile floor with a clean microfiber cloth. These absorb more water than regular cotton cloths.

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