Helping You to Understand Family Law in Colorado Springs, CO

When trouble brews in the family, sometimes the end result is less than satisfactory. The matter ends in separation or divorce. There is an attorney who practices Family Law Colorado Springs, Colorado. The firm wants you to be aware of family law as it pertains to the State of Colorado.

There are three types of marital termination recognized by the State of Colorado: legal separation, annulment, which is a declaration of the marriage being invalid, and divorce, which is also called “dissolution of marriage.” It is important to remember that no matter which of the three you use to end the marriage, the Colorado court will treat them all the same in terms of deciding how the marital assets are divided, parenting responsibilities, and child support and maintenance (spousal support).

In the legal separation, for all practical purposes, you are living as divorced (division of assets, parental responsibilities, and spousal support), but you still are able to maintain health insurance and benefits, keep military benefits and satisfy some religious requirements which frowned upon divorce. If you are filing for a divorce in the State of Colorado, it is the one of the toughest experiences you will go through. The Colorado court system will be hard to work through unless you have someone on your side who is familiar with the jargon and language of the Colorado legal system. If your divorce is going to be uncontested, you may not experience that much of a problem. If your divorce involves one of your being in the military, the case will be more complex than the layperson can handle. You need the experience of a legal professional.

David M. Koppa, Attorney-at-Law, practices family law in Colorado Springs, Colorado and will take care of all the legal roadblocks you might experience going through a divorce. His firm can help you with equitable distribution, annulments, spousal support, legal separation, domestic violence, restraining orders, and many other family related issues. David M. Koppa will help you find the best solutions for your case. If you would like to know more about Family Law Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas, contact his law firm.

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