Heavy Duty Trucks Needing Replacement Brake Parts in Hays, KS

Going down the highway, “no engine brake” signs can be seen everywhere. The meaning of this sign has a lot to do with how heavy duty truck brakes work. A truck’s brake is a compression break system, so called because it decelerates the engine instead of putting friction on a wheel brake. This aids truckers when going down steep mountain hills. However, this type of braking does not cause a break light to come on and warn vehicles behind to slow down. This is one of the reasons no engine brake signs are posted. Understanding how heavy duty brake systems work helps in understanding why the components of engine breaks are important and why maintenance and repair must be kept up.

A little bit of knowledge on brake systems will aid in deciding on where to get Brake Parts in Hays KS The purpose of a brake on any vehicle is to stop it. Brakes work by applying the principles of friction. Car brakes are a hydraulic system because they use brake fluid and friction to make them work correctly. But heavy duty trucks use compressed air systems, not hydraulics. The advantage of compressed air over hydraulic never needs to replace the fluids. Heavy duty trucks use a redundant system of brakes, so even if there are a leak and one system fails, the other can still keep the truck braking.

One of the biggest problem with compressed air systems is that it takes a bit longer time to brake. Heavy duty trucks need to keep a larger braking distance than do cars or smaller trucks, because of this lag time. A heavy duty truck air brake system is actually made up of three different braking mechanisms with many components and, therefore, requires a lot of maintenance and from time to time, higher quality replacement parts. Replacement Brake Parts in Hays KS should be high performance, reliable, affordable and come from a reputable and qualified company. If you’re unsure about a company that supplies replacement brake parts, check them out through the BBB for their rating and any complaints from consumers.

You can also visit them on BBB Business Review page for more information.

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