Hearing Aid Repair in Wheaton at the Hearing Specialists of Dupage

Hearing loss is a warning sign that people need hearing aids. Those who are looking for hearing aids in Wheaton or hearing aid repair should consider the Hearing Specialists of Dupage. If you think others are mumbling or often find yourself keeping up with a conversation in a group, it might be time to look into hearing aids.

What Are The Signs of Hearing Loss?

Many people who are experiencing hearing loss have symptoms like preferring to have the television louder than others, having difficulty understanding conversations over the phone or in groups, straining to hear conversations, not understanding all the dialogue in movies, or complaining that people are mumbling.

Why Can They Hear People But Not Understand Them?

Many people struggle to hear low pitched sounds like vowels. If you feel like you can hear them but not understand what is said, it might be a common type of hearing loss where they lose the ability to hear higher-pitched sounds like consonants. This can often make it difficult to understand speech because the consonant sounds are softer and harder to hear. Many people notice this problem if they are listening to background noise or if there is a significant distance between the speakers.

What to Expect From Hearing Aids

The primary function of hearing aids is to amplify sounds in the range where the hearing loss exists. The technology can’t separate desired speech signals from background noise and so it is important to use communication strategies.

Call for More Information Today People looking for hearing aids in Wheaton or hearing aid repair should visit the Hearing Specialists of Dupage.

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