Having Back Pain in New Waverly, TX?

If you have constant, or even just sporadic, Back Pain in New Waverly TX, you already know how terribly debilitating it can really be. Back pain is something that most people just don’t know how to respond to properly, at least in the beginning, because they assume it is like many other types of pain: short-lived and easily curable with quick remedies.

Maybe you cut your finger and put a bandage on it, along with some antibiotic cream. Perhaps you twist your ankle and your doctor writes you a week’s prescription for some anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribes rest. While these approaches might both be legitimate, they might also be wrong when you are dealing with Back Pain in New Waverly TX, especially if it is chronic back pain that is really interfering with your life. To properly manage and treat back pain, you genuinely need to get to the very root of the issue, and that is what your chiropractic care giver does.

The chiropractor starts by doing an exam of the areas in your back where you are hurting, paying particular attention to the spinal column. The spinal column is connected to all the other parts of your back, and in fact all the other parts of your body, thanks to the very intricate nerve network that radiates from it. For example, this is why you can sometimes feel pain in your leg, but the injury can be traced back to your spine.

Fortunately, once the chiropractor can fully examine the patient and can feel the source of the pain, they can gently correct the issue. Usually, a chiropractor uses only 100 percent natural methods of healing, with manual spinal manipulation and massage being leading choices for the necessary corrections. You may also have heat or cold therapy or other non-invasive therapies to help you heal quickly.

The chiropractors at Willis Spine are experienced in dealing with back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, and many other problems, such as headaches, as well. If you are looking for a local New Waverly chiropractor, consider giving them a call or checking out their website today.



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