Have Fun Shopping At Wholesale Furniture Stores in Chicago And Elsewhere

The next time you buy furniture, try a wholesale furniture store. These stores have a lot of variety in their stock, and offer some items you can’t find anywhere else.

Wholesale furniture is a good way to make your money stretch. Buying wholesale is less than half the cost of shopping in a standard furniture store. Wholesale Furniture Stores in Chicago area sell for every room in the house: living room, dining room, and bedroom. You’ll find great deals on nifty items like futons, oriental rugs and other decorative accents. There are also good deals on mattresses. There are several ways to shop wholesale:

Online Wholesale Furniture Vendors-some merchants bypass the store altogether and only sell online.

Furniture outlet stores–Highpoint, North Carolina is the furniture capital of the U.S. There are miles of wholesale furniture stores. Some stores are online. There are significant savings on furniture but remember the logistics. You have to get the furniture home. Buses bring people from all over the country to Highpoint, looking for furniture deals.

Regional Discount outlets: Regional outlet malls are very popular, and many of them have outlet furniture stores. Some of the shopping clubs are also selling wholesale furniture.

Be on the lookout for damaged pieces. Look for little scratches or rips. Wholesale furniture is usually bought in bulk and some damage is common. You may be able to get even a bigger discount on a slightly damaged piece. Wholesale clubs are springing up all over. These clubs give their members good discounts. However, most clubs do have a membership fee.

You may be able to buy wholesale furniture directly from the manufacturer. Get a business license and tax i.d. number. What a great idea! You’ll be a popular person when you have a direct link to the wholesale market. Furniture is very expensive and there’s a big markup on the product. It’s smart to try and save. Maybe your love of furniture could turn into a business for yourself. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on furniture, anymore. Think of all the fun you’ll have shopping with family and friends.

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