hat To Do When You Have Sewer Problems

One of the most common problems home owners face is issues with the plumbing and sewer systems. Old and outdated pipes and plumbing in a home can cause a multitude of problems. Old pipes get inundated with roots from trees and shrubbery on the property, often causing major blockages that require a plumber with an electric snake. When having problems with the sewer philadelphia residents have a number of options for qualified plumbing professionals. A quick glance through the local yellow pages will results in a number of plumbers capable of tackling the problem.

Roots are not the only possible cause of sewer and plumbing problems, however. Blockages can occur for a number of reasons. While showering, hair often ends up going down the drain, which, over time, can clump together in the shower drain and cause the shower to back up, preventing proper drainage. Certain types of old pipes can also simply collapse after a number of years, requiring a qualified plumber to dig up the old lines and replace them with new pipe. While it is sometimes possible for the home owner to tackle the problem by themselves, when it comes to the sewer Philadelphia plumbers can get the job done properly with no problems.

It is important, when having problems, to ask questions before hiring a plumber to fix sewer issues. Every city has a certain code that must be adhered to, such as depth of the pipe and angle of drop toward the main city line. For instance, when installing pipes to the sewer Philadelphia code may require a minimum drop of 20 percent over a certain distance. When installing or repairing a faulty Sewer Philadelphia plumbers should know the city code and be able to get the job done. When you call a plumber, be sure and ask about an estimate. Many plumbers will give the home owner a free quote before being hired. Also important to ask about is liability and licensing. You should always make sure the plumber you hire is actually licensed to perform the service in question, and he or she has liability insurance to protect you in the unlikely event of damage.