Gutter Cleaning – When Do You Need It

At first glance, all your gutters do is drain rainwater off your roof. However, what you may not remember is that this simple preventive measure not only protects your roof from water damage, but your walls and sometimes your basement as well. However, there are homeowners who forget how important their gutters are and how crucial it is to clean them regularly. While many of these homeowners clean their gutters only once a year,if that, it is not a policy you should follow if you want to protect your home from damage. It is a much better idea to clean them at leas twice every year, once during spring and again after fall. However, sometimes your may need gutter cleaning no matter what season it is. It is better you familiarize yourself with the following warning signs and take action as soon as you notice them in your home.

The gutters are caked with mud – Dried mud settles at the bottom, making your gutters shallower than they already are and thus unable to drain out as much water. When dry, this mud can be extremely difficult to remove.

You can see your gutters overflowing – Ideally they should not overflow except during the heaviest showers. If they are, it probably means dirt, leaves and other debris have piled up and are blocking the passage of water.

You spot water seepage on the roof – Large patches of dampness in the roof or the walls could be a sign that your gutters are choked, resulting in leakage. Of course, it could also be a sign of roof damage, but it never hurts to check.

Water is collecting around the foundation of your home – If the foundation is frequently wet and there is mildew around the house, it is a signal that water may be overflowing and you may need to get your cleaning tools ready.

All these issues can be signs that your gutters are in dire need of cleaning. Procrastinate for too long and soon you may need to get them repaired and not just cleaned.

Hopefully, the above points have helped you understand the importance of gutter cleaning. Tacoma residents can call one of the many service providers that offer such services in the area. However, no matter who you call, make sure they are experienced and trusted, because inexperienced amateurs can do far more harm than good in the long run.



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