Guidelines for Choosing Infant Care

Infant care is especially important because this is the age when your children develop their cognitive skills, motor capabilities, and so on. Language skills, physical development, social and emotional development are all important. It is important that your child has a loving environment which is similar to the one he or she has at home.

You can search online for schools which have infant care programs. Shortlist two or three based on their facilities and fees. You can out your child in a suitable one when he or she is six weeks old. He or she will develop his faculties through play.

As cognitive development is faster at this age, it is important that your child is in a stimulating atmosphere. Look for a school where the teachers are familiar with this particular stage in the life of a child.

The teachers should be qualified, trained, and experienced. You can take your child along when you visit the facility so that your child too gets familiar with the new surroundings. Ask whether transport facilities are available in case you require them.

You should also confirm whether the school provides meals for children. In case you would like to drop your child off before the program begins, or you will be late in picking him or her up, find out whether the school has a day care.

Children respond well to being hugged, so check that the atmosphere of the school is a loving one. A fun filled environment will ensure that your child looks forward to visiting the school. You can ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations.

Sign language techniques can help your child develop his or her communication skills, so check whether these are used in the school. Read the daily reports and weekly lesson plans if provided to keep track of your child’s development.

The school should establish age appropriate milestones otherwise your child and you may both get discouraged if you feel that progress is not as rapid as you expected. Research the age appropriate milestones for your child so that you can evaluate his or her progress as well.

Continue activities in school at home so that there is a match between the child’s experience at home and the school’s infant care. Look for a reputed facility so that you feel confident about entrusting them with your child’s development. A strong base will help your child in later years.


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