Great Stash Jar tips

Stash jars are great accessories for any avid cannabis user to have; however, they are often overlooked because most cannabis connoisseurs think that the average plastic baggie is enough. While plastic baggies have been the industry norm for a long time, they don’t cut it when it comes to maintaining freshness and can cause your product to dry out and damage your stash’s efficacy.

What to look for

The best way to store your flower is by getting a quality stash jar. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a good storage jar.

  1. Airtight and UV protected

Air and sunlight are some of the main reasons why most buds dry out. When picking a stash jar, you want jars that are 100 percent airtight made from UV protected glass to preserve your product’s quality and aroma. While it’s not advisable to keep your product in direct sunlight, you can rest easy if it’s in a good UV safe jar.

  1. Smell proof

Most cannabis strains have strong odors and aromas, which add to the experience of smoking them. However, these aromas can also draw unwanted attention. Go for a jar that is smell proof to preserve these atoms as well as your privacy.

  1. Variety of sizes

These storage containers are available in a variety of sizes, from tall to narrow, wide-necked, and deep. The stash jar you pick has to be the right size to accommodate your bud. You don’t want to get a jar that too big because the more air you trap in the container, the faster your bud will dry out.

Aside from storing your weed, stash jars are quite useful. You can store everything from your favorite kitchen herbs, coffee, cigars, flowers, and rare collectibles that you might want to show off. Getting a quality stash jar ensures your treasures are not only well preserved, safe, and fresh but looking good too.

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