Getting Your Worker’s Compensation in MN

Are you just getting started with your worker’s compensation in MN and are finding out what a convoluted process it actually can be? This is frustrating and exhausting for many people, so it can become overwhelming quickly. It is smart to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible when dealing with a workers compensation case in the state in Minnesota, and hiring a lawyer to help you is a wise move as well.

The first thing you can do to make sure that you will eventually get your workers compensation money is to keep track of every single thing. This means that you need to write a detailed recollection of the day you got injured, including every single thing you can recall about the injury circumstances. If you happened to be injured while other employees were in view, you might have some potential witnesses. You may want to speak to your lawyer about those witnesses, asking if it would be helpful to get a statement from those people.

You also need to consider how you are keeping up with your medical care. Even though your medical care may be covered by the workers comp insurance at the time of care, you still need to get documentation of every medical visit you make. If you spend time in the hospital, ask for an itemized bill, even though the bill may not be paid by you. You will need to have this information as proof of how seriously you were hurt. While the medical visits are typically paid for by the workers comp insurance held by the employer (and thus you usually have no out of pocket medical costs,) the total price amount of the care you received will still be important.

Your “pain and suffering” amount of worker’s compensation in MN is often calculated based at least in part upon the amount of medical bills that were generated by the injury. Track every single penny that you spend on transportation to the doctor, every penny lost because you were too sick to work, and every cent lost for any reason due to the injury. You will be paid back for these, especially if you choose an attorney that works on these type cases every day. Click here to know more!

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