Getting Your Door Repairs in Chicago IL

Having your door locks repaired requires a professional. Finding a locksmith in Illinois takes a little research. Most locksmiths have been licensed by the state, however, there are some that are not licensed. You must be wary of any locksmith who has not been certified. Illegal locksmiths have become a problem across Chicago, so check with your state for a licensed locksmith by visiting .

Door locks may seem simple, but are a little more complicated than one may think. Most door locks have four main parts. These parts include the door knob, latch, strike plate and cylinder. When one of these parts fail, the entire lock is ineffective. A quality locksmith will use name brand locks to replace defective locks. Some good brands include Schlage, Kaba Ilco, LDSA and Yale. When having your door locks repaired, check your homeowner’s policy. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the replacement of locks in the event your keys your stolen. Having your Door Repairs in Chicago IL is as easy as picking up your phone. Usually locksmiths available 24/7, and can come to your home or business. Some companies do charge an after-hours fee, and there may be a trip fee. There are different ways a lock can be repaired or replaced. However, lock-drilling is the last resort method. If the first thing a locksmith suggests is drilling the lock, find another locksmith. Before the locksmith arrives, get an estimate for the cost of materials and labor. When the locksmith arrives, look at the work order. Never sign a blank work order. Furthermore, ask him or her for identification and a business card. They may ask to see your I.D. as well to be sure you are the legal resident or homeowner. If you are in doubt about the locksmith, always check with The Associated Locksmiths of America for a list of reputable locksmiths. The vehicle should have the locksmith’s company logo clearly visible, and any state license number may be printed on the side. In addition, ask them about any insurance that they may have. Look for a reputable company like Keyway Lock and Security of Chicago IL as getting a cheaper company may be more expensive in the long run.

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