Getting Portable sanitation in Long Beach, CA is Not a Problem for Your Outdoor Event!

Any venue that lacks restrooms needs a portable bathroom. It could be an event as simple as a kid’s birthday pony party out on a friend’s farm, a dog agility trial, a seminar, a hunting expedition, or a soccer match. There simply are no end to the number of events that will require a person to have a place to go to the bathroom other than the woods where the bears, mosquitoes and poison ivy lurks. Ugh!

Thankfully, there are restrooms available to rent, all number and kind of them, a restroom to service every different group and every need. offers the best available Portable Sanitation in Long Beach, CA Believe it or not, there are actually calculated standards that will help you to determine how many potties your event requires. Ultimately, it will depend upon the number of people who are attending your event as well as how long the event will last. Just as an example, fifty people attending an event for up to four hours will require only a single unit. Ten thousand people attending a ten hour event will require 125 potties. The chances are great that your event falls somewhere in between.

Not every portable restroom is of the same quality. 1stjon offers a variety of units so that you can choose the one that best suits your circumstance and clientele. The basic model accommodates 150 uses, provides sanitary seat covers, an in-use indicator (very important!), hand sanitizer (waterless), mirrors, etc. Other models include a foot pedal that operates a sink for actual hand washing, a ventilation system, flushable toilets and are wheelchair accessible, as well.

Let’s face it: not everybody is comfortable going potty in the woods. Some folks simply require both privacy and toilet paper. These are the folks who need Portable Sanitation in Long Beach, CA when they’re attending a “wilderness” type of event. By catering to the needs of people who prefer going to the bathroom indoors, you’re much more likely to insure their return to your event the following year. By having an array of portable bathrooms from which to choose, you’re sure to find the perfect means to satisfy the sensitive sensibilities of all of your event’s attendees!