Get Relief Today: Call A Vein Doctor In Schaumburg IL

Approximately 50 percent of all women and 40 percent of men will suffer from some level of varicose or spider veins in their lives. It is common among people aged 50 and older, but can be frequently seen in people who are much younger. There are many causes of vein problems. Obesity, age, hormonal changes and inactivity are some of the most common causes.

People with spider or varicose veins can have uncomfortable, even painful symptoms. They can range from a heavy feeling in the legs to severe aching and swelling. Other sufferers will have no discomfort but be concerned with how their legs look.

Treatment is available for both spider and varicose veins. Compression Therapy in Schaumburg IL has been proven to be an effective remedy for the discomfort caused by vein disorders.

Compression therapy is a method of wearing compression stockings, which helps to relieve the pain and pressure caused by varicose veins. The stockings must be worn every day to be effective, and they will not improve the appearance of the legs. It is considered an excellent option for people who are too unhealthy for surgery or who choose to have a non-invasive form of treatment.

For a more permanent solution that is also able to improve the appearance, there are several treatments available. When you visit a Vein Doctor Schaumburg IL they can give you an in-depth explanation all of your options. This will help you to decide which method will be best for you.

One of the treatments is cosmetic sclerotherapy. This method involves injecting a drug into the veins causing them to close and disappear. Endovenous Laser Ablation involves the insertion of a laser to close the veins. Endovenous Chemical Ablation is the introduction of a chemical into the veins to cause them to close. The method is done with an ultrasound as a guide to help target the exact veins. Microphlebectomy is the surgical method of stripping the bothersome veins from the body.

Each method has its benefits and side effects. By discussing the methods with a Vein Doctor in Schaumburg IL, you will be able to discover what route you wish to take. The Vein Center of Illinois is an experienced clinic that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide their patients with the best care available. Contact them today to see what they can do for you.