Get Instant Hot Water for Your Home or Business With Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are an important appliance in everyone’s home. However, even with all the advances in modern water heaters they tend to have one thing in common, they are generally tank based systems. This technology is typically an inefficient heating system that attempts to keep the water at a specific temperature as set by a thermostat controller. This method often uses a lot of unnecessary power in any home or business where the water doesn’t get a lot of use. For example, whenever you’re at work the water heater is simply keeping the water hot for no good reason. There is however an alternative. Tankless Water Heaters provide quick access to heated water without requiring the installation of a tank based water heater.

Tank based water heaters also have another flaw. When the tank begins to fail it can easily develop a leak which could soon leave your home or business flooded. These floods generally cause expensive building damage on top of the expense of the new water heater system. Tankless Water Heaters don’t have this particular problem because the water is heated right before the user requires it. Tankless water heating systems, also known as inline water heaters, continuous flow, instant-on and flash or on-demand water heaters are quickly catching on with many people looking to save on their electric usage. By heating the water on demand the user tends to use less power for daily hot water use than the typical home or business owner which helps with both the user’s electrical bill as well as their carbon footprint, which is quickly becoming an issue with many people.

In a small way the term tankless is a misnomer. The system actually has a small tank used for flash heating the water before distribution. These tanks and heating systems are typically made from copper because of it’s quick ability to transfer heat. Because the on-demand system may not be enough to provide heated water throughout the home or business it is quite possible to add extra tankless water heating systems where required in the building. This also avoids the problem of waiting for the hot water to push it’s way through the plumbing, providing you with almost instant hot water. To discover if a tankless water heater is the right choice for you contact an expert such as AAA Wicks.

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