Get Help With a Miami Dade Criminal Defense Attorney

When an individual breaks the law and threatens the general wellbeing of others in the community, there is a price to pay. The Florida legal system is complex and very complicated and it is even worse if you have to navigate it on your own. When you are facing charges in Miami, it is essential to get help from a Miami Dade criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be your advocate and your representative every time you enter the courtroom. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is not easy, but for the best attorneys, it is a great way to make a difference in the lives of struggling individuals who need a little help when facing the legal system.

So what exactly does a Miami Dade criminal defense attorney do? Once you hire your attorney, they are immediately immersed in your case. At the beginning stage, the attorney will speak with Miami police and investigators to review any evidence or official reports that have been filed pertaining to your case. Then the attorney will speak with any witnesses that have come forward and seek out potential leads for witnesses that would speak in the defendant’s favor.

Once the evidence is all collected, reports are filed, and the investigation is complete, a court date is assigned. From this moment forward, the Miami Dade criminal defense attorney will have one primary focus: to win a “not guilty” verdict in court. If the defendant is guilty of the crime and there is no chance of winning a “not guilty” verdict, the attorney will work to get a reduced sentence or a more beneficial solution. For instance, the attorney might advocate for the defendant to receive extensive counseling or drug rehabilitation instead of jail time. The attorney might place a plea for community service or probation instead of hefty fines or time behind bars.

Many criminal defense attorneys work towards a plea bargain. If there is too much evidence to attempt a “not guilty” verdict, the attorney may work with authorities to settle outside of court. The defense team works with the prosecutor at this point to determine a suitable sentence such as a fee or community service in exchange for a “guilty” plea. While this isn’t always a good option, in some cases it will be the defendant’s best chance to avoid spending years in prison.

After the trial is over, the Miami Dade criminal defense attorney wraps up the case as needed. If a conviction was handed down unfairly, the attorney might attempt to file an appeal or search for additional evidence that would make a second trial necessary.

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