Get Hearing Loss Care in Norwich CT for Improved Quality of Life

Hearing loss is a blanket term to describe a decrease in hearing ability. The Loss may be temporary or permanent. The Temporary loss is usually due to a build-up of wax in the ear canal or fluid in the middle ear from an allergy or an infection. The Permanent loss may be a result of scar tissue on the ear drum, damage to the bones in the middle ear, or damage to the inner ear parts (viz., the cochlea and auditory nerve). Permanent damage may from an accident, illness, disease, heredity, aging, or exposure to loud sounds. Regardless of the cause, Hearing Loss Care in Norwich CT can treat hearing which will improve communication and the quality of life. People frequently delay hearing loss treatment for a variety of reasons including being unaware of the loss and concerns about needing hearing aids.

People who are unaware of their own hearing loss may think that they cannot understand because the speakers are mumbling. They may ask others to repeat themselves frequently in conversations. Other people may comment that the television and radio are too loud. They may miss answering the phone or door due to not hearing the ring. The individual may turn their ear toward a sound to hear it better. Treatment for hearing loss can prevent or improve all of the aforementioned situations.

Hearing aids are medical devices that are used to improve hearing. Older hearing aids would amplify all sounds, which would only benefit individuals with an even loss across the different pitches. Hearing loss that is due to damage in the inner ear is not typically uniform. Modern technology has allowed technicians to adjust hearing aids to match the hearing of each individual. The right amount of amplification is provided for each pitch. In addition, a variety of hearing aid models is available to fit different preferences. In-the-canal models sit completely hidden within the ear canal. Although more visible, an in-the-ear model is not very noticeable sitting just inside the ear. Hearing aids have become more affordable, and the majority of patients are pleased with the results they provide.

If left untreated, hearing loss can reduce the life quality and lead to isolation, withdrawal, and depression. Whatever the cause of loss, treatment is available and can help. Treatment will include an evaluation of the loss and an exploration of options that will improve hearing. Click here for Hearing Loss Care in Norwich CT.

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