Generic Drugs: 4 Sources to Get the Best Deals

Are you looking for generic drugs? Finding generic drugs, cheaper drugs, is not a difficult task. Several sources are available from which you can purchase generic drugs. However, it is important that you check with your doctor before consuming these drugs. It is possible that your doctor prescribed brand-name specific drugs for a particular reason.

How to Find Generic Drugs?

Following are some sources from which you can easily get generic drugs:

1. Consult your Doctor

It is better that you consult your doctor before purchasing these drugs. Ask your doctor if the drug prescribed by him has a generic alternative. You can also ask if you can consume the generic version instead of a branded one. Clarify your doubts before taking a decision.

2. Local Pharmacist

You can also check with your local pharmacist about the generic alternatives for the medicines you are consuming. You can ask for the generic alternatives while filling out the prescription or getting a refill. The pharmacist will inform you if the generic drug is available. He/she will also tell if your current prescription allows for generic substitution.

3. Health Insurance Company

Your health insurance company will also provide you with a list of generic alternatives for the drugs you are consuming. Check the company’s formulary while searching for generic alternatives. Such a formulary lists down branded drugs as well as their generic equivalents. Medical drug manufacturing companies also launch generic versions for consumers who cannot afford expensive drugs.

4. Other Resources

You can also take advantage of resources like Drug reference journals and websites. Generic Drug Finder is another available source while looking for generic drugs. Such resources have a massive database of all the currently available drugs. You can thus search by brand name and generic name. Consider these alternatives and purchase generic drugs accordingly.

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