Gas Insert Fireplace Products Fit Nicely Into Existing Fireplaces in the Home

A gas insert fireplace installment is not only a home renovation that adds an aesthetic charm to a living area, it also serves to provide the homeowner with the assurance that he will still have heat in case of an electrical outage.

A gas insert fireplace is designed specifically to fit into an existing gas or wood fireplace that is vented with a masonry chimney. Making use of this insert makes it possible for you to efficiently spread warmth in your living space.

How a Gas Insert Works

Precision-engineered, a gas insert fireplace provides redistributed heat in the form of convection heating. Radiant heat is also supplied from the glow of the flames. Radiating through a ceramic-type glass, the heat, when combined with a convective heat distribution system, ensures that fireplace warmth is equally disbursed throughout a room.

Calculating the BTUs

In order to determine how much heat is distributed through fireplace systems, you have to calculate the BTUs (British Thermal Units) that are emitted. This same unit of measurement is used for measuring the heat output for furnaces as well. Therefore, if you are considering the purchase of a gas insert fireplace, you will need to review the amount of heat given off in relation to the output BTU or the actual heat production.

Choosing an Insert or Fireplace: The Criteria

It is important when ordering a gas insert fireplace to consider the room size, the style of insert you are seeking and the viewing capacity. Fireplaces or inserts can be made which feature single-sided or see-through designs.

A Safer Way to Keep Warm

Fortunately, with the use of a gas insert fireplace, you can turn an icy cold and drafty eyesore of a fireplace into a clean gas-controlled unit. Not only do most fireplace brands supply more heat than gas logs, they also provide a safe flame that is free from the smoke and ashes that accumulate from wood-burning logs.

Popular Finish Colors

Homeowners only need to flick a switch to discover the convenience and warmth of a fireplace insert. Doors for such fireplaces are featured in all kinds of finishes. However, if you want to include a screen in the price, you generally will have to order a black-finished fireplace door. Popular finishes include black, titanium and rust.

Save Money with a Gas Insert

If you want to dramatically improve the looks of your living space as well as optimize the use of energy, then installing a fireplace insert is a good move to make. In this day of energy-consciousness, you want to complement the design of your fireplace with a system that will keep you sufficiently warm as well as save on energy.

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