Furnace Maintenance by Heating Contractors in Loveland Can Be the Best Option

Since having a heating system that is working well is essential in making sure a home is warm during the cold times of the year, it is very important to schedule routine maintenance on the unit at least once a year. This will allow professional heating contractors in Loveland a chance to handle a variety of tasks on the unit, such as inspecting and cleaning, which will keep it working all winter long.

One of the most important elements on the furnace is the burner. The burner is what causes the air to heat up and eventually warm the home. When the unit is switched on the technician will be able to view the flames of the unit to determine if the burner is in need of repairs. Flames should be blue and steady. If they are yellow or orange and flicker, the burner is most likely dirty and will need to be inspected and cleaned. Heating Contractors in Loveland are the best choice for this type of job.

Burners are comprised of a large number of different parts. These parts must all be inspected and cleaned. Once this is done, the unit has to be reassembled and with so many parts, it is easy for an untrained person to have trouble in completing this. A contractor will know how the unit is designed to go together and they can accomplish this task in a much shorter period of time.

The blower on the unit will also need to be cleaned and inspected. Technicians from Tri-City in Loveland will be able to clean the unit using a professional quality vacuum that has special nozzle attachments to get into the various crevices and other areas of the blower. The vents and grilles on the unit will be cleaned using brushes and cloths. The air filter on the unit will be inspected and replaced as necessary.

The motor will need to be examined to ensure it is wired properly and has no signs of damage. An inspection will be done on the fan to check for any types of issues, which would prevent it from working properly. It will be replaced if necessary. Otherwise, it will be cleaned using a stiff brush. The fan belt will also need to be inspected and replaced if necessary. The technician will also check the belt to ensure the tension is correct and make adjustments if required.

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