Furman Realty on Price Negotiation

Buying and selling a home can be a nerve racking experience, especially the process of waiting and wading through offers and counteroffers. As a seller, you are shooting for high; as a buyer, you are offering low. The interaction between seller and interested buyer is a game of high-low. A company such as Furman Realty has experience on both sides of the court and can work toward a middle ground in which both parties feel as though they walk away winners. The challenging part is trying to arrive at the common ground in a tactful way, so that both parties feel confident in the offer. There are some important things to keep in mind when you’re encountered with this stage of the buying and selling process.

Do Your Research
Knowledge is power for a buyer or seller. If you take the time to price your home fairly and accurately based on current housing trends, location, and the general condition of the house, then you should get close to what you are looking to get. The buyer should research the location and can easily track changes in the recent housing prices of the area, including the selling price for other homes in the area. A firm such as Furman Realty can help you weigh all of these factors as a seller or buyer so you both can eventually arrive at an acceptable price point.

Be Reasonable
Everyone wants to get the most for their house and for their money. If the parties are not willing to make some compromises, then nobody wins. Price negotiation is a soft science and depends completely on the parties involved. It does not have to be a painful, painstaking experience if both buyer and seller have realistic expectations. Your real estate agent should be your advocate and your advisor. Use their experience and resources to your advantage.