Frozen Snake Food is Better

There are so many reason that Frozen Snake Food is better for your pet than feeding it live food. Whether you’re feeding your snake rats, mice or chicks, the convenience for you and the safety of you and your pet should come first. Frozen food is better for both of you.

Why Not Live?
If you want to feed live rats, mice and chicks to your pet snake, you’ve got a lot to do and even more to be concerned about. Where do you purchase, and more importantly keep these live animals before you feed your snake? That problem alone should be enough to convince you to buy frozen. There’s also the issue and risk of injury to your snake when you feed him live food. Rats, mice and chicks don’t want to be eaten so they will fight back. The safest way to feed your snake non-frozen food is to kill it prior to feeding. That leaves that job up to you.

Frozen is More Convenient
All that being said, buying, storing and feeding your frozen snake food is much simpler and more humane. You can buy frozen rats, mice, chicks and other foods online and have them shipped to you in dry ice. Since you’re buying in bulk, the packages are easy to store and will lay flat in a freezer. When you need the food, simply thaw and feed. Most snakes will adapt to this way of eating quite easily. Also, most online dealers will guarantee the freshness of the food and the humane killing of it. Freezing also kills any parasites that might have been present in the live animals. As a snake owner, the safety and health of your snake is a concern you can reduce by buying frozen food.

Overall, snake keepers who feed their snakes frozen rats, mice or for the picky eaters, chicks, will save money when they buy frozen and buy in bulk. You can get a 10 pack of medium frozen rats for twelve to thirteen dollars and fifty adult frozen mice for around twenty-eight dollars. If you’re looking for chicks you can get them for twelve to thirteen dollars for a frozen pack of fifty.

Quality food helps makes quality pets. Visit for all your frozen snake food needs.

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