Foundation Repair in Ocala: Solving the Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

Foundation problems can be the homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it is quite a common problem for homeowners living in central Florida towns, like Ocala. That is because central Florida’s terrain consists of limestone, which dissolves over time as rainfall mixes with carbon dioxide when it seeps through the ground. As the limestone dissolves, the ground settles into the exposed cracks and crevices. This is the underlying cause of foundation problems.

How Will I Know if My Foundation Needs Repair?

You will know if your foundation needs to be repaired because there are very clear warning signs. Floors may slope, and cracks in ceramic tile and vinyl flooring may appear. Your windows and doors will either stick, or not open and close properly at all. Your garage doors may crack or fail to open and close properly. Concrete in your driveway and/or basement may crack. Perhaps, the most common symptom is cracks in interior and exterior walls, particularly over doorframes. However, if you notice these signs, you need to find a company to do foundation repair in Ocala right away!

The Foundation Repair Process

So you know you need to find a company to do foundation repair in Ocala, but you probably have questions. After all, it’s possible that you’ve never faced this scary situation before. What will they do when they get here? How long do I have to leave my home? Are they going to bring in heavy equipment and destroy my beautiful lawn? What is foundation repair in Ocala going to cost me?

Never fear. Foundation repair is a relatively painless process for both you and your home. You do not have to leave your house at all. The repair work can be done while you are safely inside, going about your normal daily routine. Put the baby down for a nap, feed the dog and cat, and wash the dishes. You are all safe inside your home while foundation repair is done. There is no heavy equipment involved – no bulldozers, no cranes. And your beautiful lawn is perfectly safe. The flowerbeds you lovingly weed every Saturday and the grass, shrubs and trees you planted yourself are all safe. There will be no damage to your yard at all.

Visit Ram Jack Solid Foundations today. They have more than thirty years of experience doing foundation repair in Ocala. Their highly-trained certified technicians will complete a home inspection and run all necessary tests for free to provide you with the best solution for your foundation problem. They will fully explain the complete process, including what caused your foundation problems and how they will fix it. You will also know the full price before they start work, and they’ll also give you an accurate quote. Don’t delay. Visit them today!

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