Fitness After Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso

For long-term weight management to be successful after gastric bypass surgery in El Paso, physical activity is important. It can be different for each patient based on their needs and abilities. As physical activity is continued, the body will become more efficient. However, doing a single exercise can become less effective once the body becomes more efficient. Also, as you lose weight, your body will burn fewer calories during activities. Over time, you will want to increase the intensity or length of your activities.

When Can I Start?

After you undergo gastric bypass surgery in El Paso, you can usually start walking right away. Of course, you’ll need the okay from your doctor. As healing progresses, you can start to increase the time and intensity of your walks. You’ll be released by your doctor based on the progress you make.

How Much Exercise Is Recommended?

In general, it’s recommended to get about 150 minutes of exercise each week at a moderate level. Activities include jogging, brisk walking, swimming or Zumba. Each person is different so be sure to choose an exercise suitable to your capabilities.

What Types of Exercises Are Good?

Several types of exercises should be included in your new regimen. You will need some aerobic for cardio health, some resistance exercises for strength and some flexibility exercise for optimal results. You may want to try a few exercise programs to find the one that works for you. Your bariatric program, local fitness facilities or fellow patients may offer help finding the right source after gastric bypass surgery in El Paso.

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