Finding The Right One

A great legal professional can make an outstanding difference to the way a legal problem turns out. That matter may be a conveyancing issue or a criminal charge. Difficult cases require considerable contact between a legal professional and the client. There are a lot of Edinburgh solicitors and finding the “right” one is not always a straightforward matter.

Personal Recommendation
Personal recommendation is always the best. Receiving advice from someone who has worked with a legal professional might be the best solution. However, it is advisable to find out if that legal professional is experienced at dealing with the problem at hand. A legal rep who handled a house sale might not be very good at handling a criminal charge.

The Law Society
The Law Society runs a hotline. It deals with national emergencies which involve legal claims. They help claimants to find legal professionals to represent their cases. The Law Society is a good place to start as they have experience dealing with legal representatives and they have access to a national database of legal representatives. The Law Society is a coordinating body so they will always have contacts or advice to dish out.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau is a great resource for information. There will always be someone there who can help you with general advice. They will also have a list or database of local legal reps or pro bono practitioners who might be able to take on your case for free. Some lawyers sometimes handle cases for free, so it could be your lucky day. The Citizen’s Advice might also have a list with specific consultation fees for the legal reps you require. They can also refer you to your local law centre.

Law Centres
There are various law centres in the inner city that are great resources for information. They are manned by qualified lawyers. If they do eventually end up taking your case, they might end up representing your case for free. Some might even offer you legal aid, so it is worth giving it a shot.

If all else fails, the internet is a great resource. Within seconds you can have a full list of all the solicitors in Edinburgh on your screen. Their contact numbers, areas of specialisation and the likes will be displayed on their websites. Your options are infinite. Go ahead and try it.

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